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BPCI and other at-risk contracts

If you have patients that are under BCPI or other at-risk contracts you will see huge benefits using Qure4u as your care-management tool.

The app can be configured to monitor all the important metrics prior to procedures and after procedures you can invite home-health agencies to work with app as well. This ensures a high touch-point frequency with the patient throughout the contract period at a low cost.

This is how it works:

Step 1 - You enroll the patient via your EMR


Schedule the procedures in your EMR.

The patient is now automatically enrolled in this protocol and you will know that all necessary data elements are collected.

Step 3 - After the procedure patient is monitored via the app

phone - pre-procedure dashboard.png

When the patient is home again after surgery, vitals and other important data elements are monitored via the app.

You will always know how your patients are doing at home.

Step 2 - Patient enters all necessary information


The patient enters all additional information that you need to handle the more advanced at-risk contracts.

Data flows in to the patient's chart.

Step 4 - Invite Home-health agency to work with the patient


If you are working with a home-health agency, they can monitor the patients through Qure4u using advanced Care-management dashboards.

This eliminates the need of expensive at-home visits without reducing the quality of the care!

It is that simple for you and your patients!

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