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Connect with Bluetooth Devices

If you are doing remote patient monitoring and your patients need to collect a lot of data at home, it can be beneficial to use home-monitoring apps and/or devices that can be connected via bluetooth to the patient's phone.


Qure4u is integrated to around 85 different apps and devices and you can find a full list of supported apps and devices here: Click here to see devices and apps.

Once the apps are connected to the patient account in Qure4u, then the data will flow automatically to Qure4u, without the patient having to enter anything manually.

This is how it works:

Step 1 - Set up the patient's phone

Each app or device that you want your patient to use needs to be set up on the patient's phone and the patient should register on the apps - please follow instructions from the device manufacturer or app.


Step 2 - Connect the patient apps to Qure4u

After you have set up the patient app, you connect the app by entering the patient's username and password on the graph page in Qure4u.


Step 3 - Set up a Care Plan

Use the templates in Qure4u to set up customizable care plans for the patient and ask the patient to download the MyCarePlan app. The patient then receives timely notifications about, when he or she should monitor their vitals at home, and they use the connected devices.

phone - pulse.png
phone - pain level.png

Step 4 - You review the data and import to EMR

Every time the patient uses the connected devices or apps, the vitals automatically flow in to Qure4u. The care team reviews the data on easy-to-use graphs and import data that is relevant in to the patient's chart with the click of a button.

Remote monitoring.png

Step 5 - You bill once a month 

For those patients that qualify for Remote Patient monitoring, you can bill  per patient per month.


It is that simple for you and your patients!

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