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How the Check-in app works

For those patients that do not fill out all their forms and documents at home prior to the visit, you will have a check-in app that you can use on an iPad or on an Android tablet.


This makes it quick and easy for you to have everything done electronically and you can even use the same app for other purposes at the office: Sign documents or fill out the forms on-the-fly, show patients pre-procedure protocols, go over home-monitored vitals. See below for steps on how to use it.

Step 1 - Log in the patient 

Checkin 1.png

You enter the patient's ID and your clinic's password.

The clinic password is reset every day for security reasons and you can find it with your clinic login.

Step 2 - Confirm it is the correct patient

Checkin 2.png

Verify that this is the correct patient you want to check in.

If you made a mistake, then push NO and you can start over.

Step 3 - Choose appointment 

Checkin 3.png

You will then be shown the list of appointments that is available for this patient for today or in the future and can choose the one you want to check in.

If you choose See all tasks, then you will see a full list of all appointments and all the related tasks.

Step 4 - Hand the tablet to the patient

Checkin 4.png

Now you can see all tasks that the patient should complete before you can finish check-in. 

Show the patient the list and tap the first task to get them started.

If the patient has done some of the tasks at home a green tick mark is shown next to the task.

Step 5 - The patient hands back the tablet

Checkin 5.png

When the patient has finished the tasks then you will see green tick marks next to each task.

Now, you can finish the check-in in your EMR

It is that simple for you and your patients!

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