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Meet our Founder

Dr. Monica Bolbjerg
Chairman, CEO, Founder

In the year 2000, in her native Denmark, Monica Bolbjerg, MD, was just starting her medical career when she saw serious administrative inefficiencies hindering the effectiveness of the doctor-patient encounter.

“The patient’s journey was bogged down in paperwork,” she recalls. “When I realized that we were treating paper instead of patients, I saw opportunities to not only include patients in their own healthcare, but also improve the efficiency of healthcare providers.”

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Dr. Bolbjerg speaks at McKinsey & Company conference:

In 2001, while still practicing medicine, she developed the world’s first “patient portal,” which set her on the path to becoming a leading, international healthcare innovator building new, mobile-and web-based patient engagement tools.

Focused on building ever-better and more efficient tools to enhance the doctor-patient relationship, Bolbjerg developed the Qure4u app and has since traveled the world advocating new technologies aimed at benefiting both the practice of medicine and the patient journey with tools that, to date, have been used internationally by more than two million patients “online.”

After Bolbjerg, her husband, Torsten, and their four children relocated to the United States, they founded Qure4u in 2015 and have continued promoting medical practice efficiency and improving the patient journey. Her efforts have won her multiple innovation prizes and put her in the spotlight as a speaker at The Healthcare Think Tank.

“As a young doctor, I saw the problem clearly – patients left their brief, face-to-face doctor encounters lacking sufficient tools or knowledge to understand their health problems and without a link to connect them with their healthcare providers,” Bolbjerg told her international audience at a 2016 McKinsey & Company Healthcare Conference in Dubai.

“Our quest has been not only to optimize medical office patient flow but also to make patient communication with their healthcare providers easier and more efficient by developing a patient-centric platform using a mobile ‘app’ by which the patient has online communication with their healthcare providers at all times.”

Today, Bolbjerg is continuing to expand the ways in which the patient-centric Qure4u app can be used in medical practices to improve their efficiency, benefit patients, improve outcomes, and serve as a useful tool in data collection and research.

Dr. Bolbjerg at HIMSS Radio:

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