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Self Check-in via Kiosk stands

If you want your patients to do self-checkin via Kiosk stands, this will soon be possible with Qure4u.

This feature is especially helpful if you have high volume reception areas where you only need limited information entered by the patients, e.g. PT checkin

It can also be used to promote pre-checkin at hime if you let those patients mark themselves as Ready for intake.

Kiosk stand zoomed in.png

Step 1 - Patient starts check-in

Kiosk step 1.png

Patients enter their personal details and we look for a match within today's schedule.

Once a match has been established the patient is now marked as arrived.

Step 2 - Patient uploads photo

Kiosk step 2.png

On this step the patient can upload or change the photo that is on file in their chart.

The photo is updated in to the patient's chart immediately.

Step 3 - Paperwork is completed

The patient is guided step-by-step through the tasks required to finish check-in.

If some tasks have been done at home, they will already be marked as completed.

Data is updated immediately in to athena for each task

Kiosk step 3.png

Step 4 - Patient is marked as Ready for intake

When all tasks are completed the patient will be marked as Ready for intake in athena and the patient is asked to take a seat in the waiting room.

Patients that have a copay or outstanding balance will be asked to go to the front desk and will not be marked as Ready for intake

Kiosk step 4.png

It is that simple for you and your patients!

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