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Collect Outstanding Balances

With Qure4u we want it to be easy-peasy to collect outstanding patient balances. We provide you with a list of patients with balances for review, with an easy push request to their phones.

You will be able to collect your money right when it is due, avoiding the phone calls and collection agencies!


This is how it works:

Step 1 - Get a list of patients with outstanding balances

Patients with outstanding balances appear automatically on your Follow-up list for you to review and decide on next steps

Qure4u_Pro_FollowUps - 14-10-18 - Action

Step 2 - Push owed amount to app

You can review the details of the outstanding balance and decide what amount you want to send to the patient

Qure4u_Pro_FollowUps - 17-11-18 - PopUp_

Step 3 - Patient receives notification and pays on their phone

If the patient is not able to pay the full amount, it is possible to choose to pay a partial amount or to enter in to a payment plan

pediatrician - form.png
pediatrician - form.png

Step 4 - You receive the payment 

The patient enters credit card details in the app and the payment is processed through your EMR


It is that simple for you and your patients!

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