Empower your

patients with self-check-in

 Qure4u's patient self-check-in tool optimizes the patient intake process, producing a better patient experience while boosting in-office efficiencies, cash flow, and revenues. All integrated with athenahealth so you can continue to do what you do best.



Your patients check-in from home

Using their smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android)

 With Qure4u, your patients do all their paperwork at home: Sign documents, fill out forms, pay copay etc. using their smart devices or desktops.

Everything is 100% integrated with your EMR - eliminating manual data entry so you can get rid of letters and papers, saving hours on data entry and improving your patient's experience.


Best of all our robust platform will provide you with all the digital tools you will need to improve care throughout your patients' entire care journey.

Qure4u can help you achieve all this today 

for your practice

...or at the office

Use your own tablet or have us deliver one

With Qure4u, you can expect up to 82% of your patients to check-in from home, and for those that choose not to, we provide several in-office digital check-in options enabling them to do their tasks at the office.

The Check-In app can also be used for guiding patients regarding their care plan or pre-and post-procedure preparation tasks.

Learn more:

  • Consent Forms

  • Health History Forms

  • Care Plans

  • Pre-Procedure Management

  • Post-Procedure Management

  • 100% EMR integration

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