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Post-procedure follow-up

You no longer have to call all patients after a procedure. The Qure4u app will automatically monitor how your patients are doing after procedures and alert you if a patient is at risk for complications.

This is how it works:

Step 1 - Set up rules 

You decide what data should trigger an alert and who should be assigned the task to review the patients that are flagged.


Step 2 - Patient monitors vitals through the app

The patient uses the MyCarePlan app to monitor vitals at home. Typically they are asked to monitor temperature, pain and mobility, but you decide what your patients should monitor and for how long.

phone - pulse.png
phone - pain level.png

Step 3 - Patients at risk are flagged

The care team reviews the data on easy-to-use graphs that give you an instant overview of how the patient is doing at home - data is then imported in to the EMR with the click of a button.


Step 4 - A Care Team member reviews the data

The care team member that has been assigned to this patient reviews the data and decides on next steps: e.g. Call in the patient, Ask to send a photo of the wound or set up a telehealth call


It is that simple for you and your patients!

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