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Pre-procedure preparation

With Qure4u your patients will know how to prepare for their procedures. You will know who is ready and who needs a reminder call.


This feature will help you cut down on pre-procedure phone calls significantly and at the same time reduce your last-minute cancellations.

This is how it works:

Step 1 - You schedule the procedure in your EMR


Schedule the procedures in your EMR as usual.

Minutes after you have scheduled the procedure, the patient automatically receives an email with the necessary information.

Step 3 - Patient follows instructions in the app

phone - pre-procedure dashboard.png

Patients are guided step-by-step to complete necessary tasks with simple and easy to understand instructions

Step 2 - Patient receives notification within minutes


Minutes after you have scheduled the appointment, the patient automatically receives an email or app notification with information about next step.

They log in to the app and the tasks are available immediately.

Step 4 - Only call patients that need a phone call


You get notifications about patients that are not ready or need help and will know, who to give a phone call prior to the procedures.

The rest of the patients will all be ready for their procedures.

It is that simple for you and your patients!

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