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Telehealth made simple

Qure4u has the easiest and simplest telehealth solution on the market that at the same time gives you advanced functionality like screen-sharing and group telehealth.

We believe telehealth should be simple and easy for both you and your patients

This is how it works:

Step 1 - You schedule a telehealth appointment


Schedule a telehealth appointment in your EMR.

Minutes after you have scheduled the appointment, the patient automatically receives an email with information about how to start the call.

Step 2 - Patient uses the app to start the call

pediatrician - video.png

There is no new app or login needed for the patients - they simple use the same app as they use for all their other tasks.

When they log in to the app the button to start the video call is right there!

Step 3 - The provider starts the call from the EMR

The provider starts the call with a click-of-a-button from within the EMR and immediately gets connected to the patient.


Share screen and show results or other materials

If you want to share results, like X-ray or MRI, or if you want to show educational content, like a powerpoint, that is all easy to do during the telehealth call

It is that simple for you and your patients!

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