COVID-19 Telehealth Package

Our "Telehealth Emergency Package" is now available to help you address the immediate needs of your practice.  Contact us today, and we'll get you running ASAP

Rapid Response Telehealth During COVID-19

During March 2020, Qure4u has deployed virtual care solutions for 2,975 providers and enabled them to change their care delivery to be 90% virtual. It has been a fast ride, and I am so proud of what our team accomplished, but also extremely impressed by how quickly the healthcare organizations managed this transition.

COVID-19 changed healthcare overnight, and having worked in this space for almost 20 years, anticipating the transition to virtual care to come; it is exciting to see how innovation is exploding as we partner with our customers releasing new amazing features every week.


Monica Bolbjerg, MD
CEO and Founder



Be Empowered

with a simple and secure

telehealth solution

 We've made telemedicine simple and easy for you, enabling you to take your practice online and to connect with your patients where they are, increasing your profitability and their satisfaction.


We make it easy to get started

By keeping things simple


We believe cost shouldn't be a barrier to telemedicine. That's why Qure4u enables you to connect with patients, with no session fees.


Our Platform is HIPAA-compliant and secure for all your telehealth needs.


Whether you access from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, we have made our platform  simple and easy to use for you and your patients 


Telehealth with Screen-sharing

Easy-to-use video calls on phones, tablets or web

Telehealth with Qure4u is easy to use for both patients and providers. 

Patients start the video call from their app or computer. There is no need to download new software.


Providers schedule and start the call from their EMR with a click of a button.


Features included:

  • Advanced screen-sharing

  • Integration with scheduling

  • Payment retrieval prior to calls

  • Automatic appointment reminders

  • and more...


Increase revenue.

Treat your patients anytime, anywhere

This year your company will lose approximately $150,000 in revenue, per provider, due to patient no-shows and cancellations. That figure doesn’t even account for uncollectable funds and after-hour visits that you may not be getting paid for.

Qure4u's platform reduces no-shows and cancellations and allows you to get paid for after-hour calls. The impact? The average eVisit customer sees revenue increase by $26,426 per provider, annually.

Ready to see how Qure4u will increase revenue in your organization?

Learn more:

  • Consent Forms

  • Health History Forms

  • Care Plans

  • Pre-Procedure Management

  • Post-Procedure Management

  • 100% EMR integration

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