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Digital Self-Care apps: Guiding your patients to follow their care plans

Helping your patients stay on track

Smart-care for your patients:

  • Patients get a user friendly care plan app 

  • Receive timely notifications about their To-Do's

  • Answer questions, fill out forms and surveys online

  • Self-monitor vitals with connected devices and apps

  • Check-in and prep for appointments at home

  • Message with their care team

  • and much more...

Practice benefits:

  • Patients know how to manage health at home

  • Patients come better prepared for their appointments

  • Outcomes improve, documented by supporting data

  • All patient sourced information is stored as discrete data

  • Data available for practice business and clinical analytics

  • Provide data to specialty specific clinical registries 

Guide your patients wherever they go


Qure4u was built to support patient self-care 24/7. Patients always know what they have to do and when they have to do it. They can also easily connect with a care team through the app. 

Support patient self-care​

Identify patients at risk

Improve and document outcome

We support most specialties





GI / Colorectal

PCP / Pediatrician

Find out how...

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