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We work with providers that want to improve outcome using patient-centric care 

Moving towards value-based care one step at a time


Disease management, procedural care and cardiac rehab 

Disease management of ​congestive heart failures, blood thinner medications, and strokes are challenges for not only patients, but also caregivers and providers.


Getting diagnosed with a heart condition often leads to anxiety. At the same time patients need to follow demanding care plans at home and collect data that needs to be shared with their care team.

Providers try to manage these conditions with frequent follow-up visits and phone calls, but what patients actually need, are multiple touch points every day and an easy way to connect with the care team when they have questions.

With Qure4u the patients get a self-care app that notifies them about what they need to do and when. It will guide them to better care plan adherence and support their self-care. 


Bluetooth integrated home-monitoring devices automatically collect data that the care team can access at anytime – in between office visits or when the patients come in for a check-up.

Follow-ups with patients in their homes are easily done with Qure4u’s integrated Telehealth and messaging tools.


GI / Colorectal

Managing protocols and documenting outcome

More and more contracts and payment plans now depend on meeting certain quality metrics for specific patient populations, which is why documenting outcome is more important than ever. 

With that said, collecting data from patients pre and post-procedure is a time-consuming task that takes away time from helping patients or forces the providers to hire more staff. 

Another important factor for improving outcome is patients’ adherence to preparation and recovery instructions, where paper instructions are usually not enough to drive that.

Qure4u solves both challenges by implementing digital care plans for patients, which drives care plan adherence and data collection from patients – from referral to check-in to post-procedure follow-up.

Our Care Plans can support everything from colonoscopy preparation to complex in-hospital surgery like the ERAS protocol. 

GI / Colorectal


Supporting procedural care and high-risk pregnancies

Providers and nurses spend too much time collecting patient data, making calls to check up on patients and entering results in to the EMR.


Qure4u eliminates the paper trail and manual input, reduces outbound phone calls, and automates collection of patient reported outcome data.


Patients get a digital care plan that lets them know exactly what they have to do before and after their procedure. The patient’s care team will be able to identify patients at risk and efficiently analyze results.

High risk gestational patients are monitored with integrated home-monitoring devices, and at risk patients are flagged for an easy follow-up.


If a patient needs extra attention, the care team can use the integrated telehealth and messaging tools to communicate with the patient at home.

OB / Gyn


Procedure management, bundled payments and rehab

Managing preparation and rehab for orthopedic surgeries is challenging because a big factor in the outcome prognosis depends on how well the patients follow their recovery plans.

Additionally, many practices struggle with detecting patients with post-procedure complications like infection, bleeding, contraction or thrombophlebitis. Outbound follow-up calls and surveys can detect some complications, but not all. Early detection is crucial for outcome results.

With Qure4u all patients are enrolled in a procedure specific care plan that covers everything from pre-procedure data collection to recovery. In the rehab phase, patients receive daily recovery exercise videos and important outcome data like temperature, mobility, and pain is monitored.


If data goes out of the desired range, the patient is flagged and the care team is alerted. Follow-up is easily done with the built-in telehealth and messaging tools.


Primary Care / Pediatrics

Chronic Care and Quality Management

To optimize treatment of chronic diseases, patients need guidance and instructions to properly manage their health at home, while being able to share data with their care team.


Today, patients collect data on paper, in mobile apps, and send emails, but none of these tools allow for seamless data sharing with providers. Further, patients often have questions and they can't reach their providers, which leads to non-adherence.

This adds to the frustration that providers are experiencing from struggling to find a way to streamline data collection, so it is manageable in their busy workflow.

With Qure4u all patients receive a mobile self-care app and are entered in to a care plan tailored to their age, gender and conditions. Patients with chronic conditions receive notifications about when to schedule check-ups and how to manage their health at home. Other patients are called in for annual screenings and receive educational information to keep them healthy.

Lifestyle data and vitals are collected via Bluetooth-integrated devices and the richer data set can be used for optimizing care and detecting patients at risk - remotely or in the office.

Patients that need more attention can be called in or follow-ups, which can be done with Qure4u's integrated telehealth and messaging tools.

PCP / Pediatrics

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